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Dynolog Engine Dyno

Is housed in our purpose built engine dyno room. Our engine dyno has been one of our most valuable tools in the development of the LS series of engines. We currently hold test data results for over 300 different camshaft, header and engine combinations for the L series engines alone in our data base for comparative purposes, with a total in excess of 7000 power runs performed.

The accuracy of the engine dyno is second to none and is a great tool for testing any engine modification before releasing it to the public. Over the years we have been used in a testing capacity for Harrop Engineering and for numerous technical articles in both Street Commodores and Street Machine Commodores magazines. These comparison articles and the results are indisputable when done on the same engine and same repeatable dyno.

The accuracy of our Engine Dyno is also one of the reasons many race teams request the use of our facility to test and tune their engines and modifications; from V8 Supercar development series teams, AMRS V8 Challenge, Commodore Cup, Sprintcar and Speedcars, just to name a few.