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Walkinshaw Enhanced Wagon


The results speak for themselves!!


The Owners comments

What a great car... a real stealthy weapon.

My wife and I drove up to Nelson Bay on the weekend and were very impressed with the urge once half throttle is applied.....let alone some of the full blown blasts that snuck in as well. There is massive acceleration at any rev range in any gear and the exhaust rumble combined with the blower whine is also wonderfully addictive to hear. Good fun over and over again.

I must thank Sam and his staff for providing such a professional approach to this project especially as the car was only a few weeks old and I needed to get the best advice right from the start. They were also great at explaining all the finer details regarding the benefits from the upgraded parts especially the stiffer springs from Walkinshaw Performance and the braided brake lines. Sam also made sure that the lumpiness of the supercharger specific cam he chose was appropriately concealed for when the car performs it’s daily work duties as well as providing added punch when it is needed.